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Marlene Woolgar:

Marlene has been intuitive since childhood and has gone on to develop her gift over many years providing public demonstrations, teaching and her private consultations are in great demand from people from all over the world. The evidence she brings through is truly amazing and her depth of mediumship allows her to bring forward the unique and individual character of the spirit communicator during links. Marlene has also provided talks and demonstrations for bereaved parent groups, which she finds very rewarding and is a qualified member of the Sussex Healers Association.

Marlene has worked all over the United Kingdom and abroad including Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia and the Netherlands. She was also an Investigative Medium for the countries leading commercial ghost Tour Company. On these investigations she was not provided with any information or the location other than it is in, say, “Oxfordshire” and yet provided pages of factual information about the location often weeks before the investigation even when in the middle of the Mediterranean! Marlene is a frequent tutor for the Tony Stockwell’s Avalon Project and appeared on stage at the Angel Experience Live, held at the Apollo Theatre in Dartford.

Marlene has a unique ability to bring the best out of her students and encourages them to attain the highest standards when she is teaching. Her techniques provide her students with many innovative ideas and she is keen on the development of altered states that serve to sustain and improve depth of their mediumship. She has an extensive web site, which is a free and very approachable educational resource for anyone who wishes to find out more about the psychic and mediumistic subject.

Marlene demonstrating is like watching a conversation between old friends, it’s just so natural”.







Event Organisers


Cherry O’Sullivan. Healing Light seminar organiser

Cherry is the principal organiser of all of the Healing Light Spiritual Centre events at our venue in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex. She has been fascinated by Spirit for many years, at first attending demonstrations, eventually becoming a ’member’ of the Healing Light and beginning her own journey into development. She now runs her own development circle, workshops and has started to give public demonstrations.





Cindi Hatchard. Assistant seminar organiser

Like Cherry,  Cindi started coming along to our demonstrations and ended up becoming one of our very active members. If you come along to a demonstration, she is the person likely to take your money at the door and sell you a raffle ticket! Cindi is also an enthusiastic member of one of our associated development circles. If you have any queries over the weekend, Cindi will try to sort them out for you.



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